MILLERIGHE - WATCHES & PARTS was born from Arriwatch as an online store dedicated to the Rolex world.



The “Millerighe”, so called by collectors , is a rare prototype button (or MK0) that we find in the first series of manual winding Daytonas for the references 6240, 6263 and 6265.
Just like MILLERIGHE, symbol of quality and excellence, we have been working for years as a reliable reference for watchmakers, specialized laboratories and collectors from all over the world, with the aim of satisfying every request, guaranteeing the highest quality and a wide assortment of products.



I encountered the world of watches almost by chance, when in 2014, at the age of twenty, I was called to work by a well-know expert watchmaker.

I never imagined that I would fall in love with this fascinating world.

The many years spent at the beginning on a bench in a back shop, cataloging balance staffs, stems, and every other piece, under the expert and loving guidance of an elderly master, gave birth in me to a great passion and conveyed a deep knowledge of the watchmaking.

From him the nice affectioned nickname "Arriwatch".


All this story led me today to open my first e-commerce for buying and selling watches and parts.


Quality and rarity are the goal, together with passion and attention to every detail.

For this reason each watch and each spare part is scrupulously examined and selected.

Only genuine and guaranteed watches and spare parts .

Macro and high-quality photos will allow you to appreciate every detail.